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(3-5 players | 45 to 60 minutes | Ages 12 to adult)

The Story: In ancient days a wizard of great power gave into the seductive call from the dark abyss. He forged a madstone with which he intended to rule the land. His name was Inoldin and with the iron force of dark creatures he intended to enslave all other people and wizards. For a time his forces desolated the land, destroyed buildings, fields, and tore down the government of the peaceful people of Hilginal. A secret cadre of inexperienced wizards surprised him with new found power garnered from ancient tombs, wizard’s caves, and forgotten craftsmen. The madstone was cracked and the abyss sealed. The new wizards now had the task of rebuilding Hilginal and hunting down the remaining dark creatures that wander the land. The highest and most noble task would be that of rebuilding the wizard school known as Bellwether.

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