Other World

Other World

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(3-5 players | 60 to 90 minutes | Ages 12 to adult)

Life could not have been more peaceful and prosperous in Gjarholm, a kingdom where magic and sword skill were used only in defense of one’s land and liberty. Then, all at once, gold and property began vanishing. Rumors of a spawning-ground of evil, deep in the catacombs of the dead, reached the ears of the king. Without his knowledge, the king’s son, the evil prince, captured and imprisoned the family of the village sorcerer. Against the sorcerer’s will, the prince forced him to open a dimensional gateway within the winding tombs called the abyss. With the dark spells, creatures from another realm have set up a home in the catacombs and have snuck into the village at night, taking treasure and weapons. The king has commissioned you to destroy the creatures, but while the prince has influence within the castle walls, your job will be difficult. The king trusts you to restore order--and you will do it!

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