Misty Ruins

Misty Ruins

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(2-5 players | 30 to 90 minutes | Ages 10 to adult)

Background Winding caverns twist underground beneath the homes, streets, and farms of your native land. Built by the slaves of an evil mage, they were designed to bring down your civilization. Now that very thing has happened. You and fellow adventurers from surrounding areas traveled into the labyrinth to destroy the fiend and his minions, but he was prepared. You were defeated, your possessions were stolen and scattered, and your villages left in ruins. Even your very memory has been erased. Now, as you awaken in the blackness of the dungeon, you must focus your every action on remembering who you are. Your skills will slowly be revealed and items and places will start to look familiar. Eventually you will regain much of what you lost and face one of the minions of the evil wizard. Then you will say the words you long to utter, “Tell your foul master, I know who I am!”

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